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HTS is a premier destination for custom laser engraving and specialty sharpening services. We combine cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled precision, ensuring your tools and products are uniquely enhanced for optimal performance and style.

Custom Laser Engraving

HTS can engrave on a vast amount of surfaces and materials. Our unmatched detail will amaze you!

Sharpening Services

Explore our competitive pricing structures and streamlined item submission process for the top of the line in professional care for your tools.

Surface Grinding

Your shop cannot afford to have machines down for a week or more while tooling is sent out for sharpening. Work with us and get superior service!

Expert Sharpening Services

Welcome to High-Tech Services, where precision meets productivity! We are your dedicated partner in delivering top-tier sharpening solutions.

Explore our competitive pricing structures and streamlined item submission process to experience the epitome of professional care for your tools.

Elevate your business efficiency with High-Tech Services today!


Tool Grinding ServiceThat Go The Extra Mile!

  • Tooling is done on the spot leading to quick turn around times

  • Reasonable hourly rates

    Sharpening tools more often and removing less material saves you money

  • Regularly scheduled visits can be arranged and is encouraged to get the full benefit of a tool sharpening program

  • Able to grind surfaces up to 8X18 in size

  • Able to sharpen corner notcher blades, dies sets, roof top tooling, punches and dies of all makes and sizes

  • Have quick change set ups for reduced set up time/more grinding time

  • Ability to make jigs to hold all types‚Ä®of tooling