Mobile, self contained operation comes directly to your business

  • Tooling is done on the spot leading to quick turn around times
  • Reasonable hourly rates
  • Sharpening tools more often and removing less material saves you money
  • Regularly scheduled visits can be arranged and is encouraged to get the full benefit of a tool sharpening program
  • Able to grind surfaces up to 8X18 in size
  • Able to sharpen corner notcher blades, dies sets, roof top tooling, punches and dies of all makes and sizes
  • Have quick change set ups for reduced set up time/more grinding time
  • Ability to make jigs to hold all types of tooling


High Tech Services philosophy on tool sharpening…

Rather than charge a flat rate or by per piece as other machine shops do I charge a very reasonable hourly rate. As I am familiar with turrets and tooling my ultimate goal is to save my customers money. The way to do this is by having the tools sharpened more often but remove less material at a time.


Paying a premium or by per piece does not encourage a customer to get sharpening done on a regular basis. Who wants to pay a premium for removing .005 of material (a normal amount when sharpening regularly). That is why hourly is the way to go. You only pay for what you need removed. You can get more tooling sharpened for your money. AND I COME TO YOU! Machine performance is always better with sharp tools and money is saved in less material wasted from sheet pulls.


The cost of getting tools sharpened the first time is a bit higher as tools usually need to be ground more, but the second time around the time required is significantly less as we are “maintaining the tool” and not grinding excessively.


Big companies or small I can accommodate both. Knowing the industry I know shops cannot afford to have machines down for a week or more while tooling is sent out for sharpening. Usually tools don’t get sharpened because of this and that is not the way to be productive. Regularly scheduled visits for tool sharpening can be arranged and is encouraged. Bottom line is I will continue to keep my prices reasonable if customers are willing to use my services on a regular basis.